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    This system is mainly applied to the investigation of various types of clues and plays an important role in the detection of cases. It can be based on scattered data sources for information correlation,  and combined with multi-method integration capabilities, to create a new structured information network,    achieve character hologram, mining network text and semantic analysis, information dissemination traceability etc. functions. At the same time, the model mining can be fully realized check quickly, accurately, and thoroughly for the clues verification. 

  •  Whole system mining --- The system not only has holographic analysis capabilities such as connectivity analysis, behavior analysis, position analysis, but also can through deep mining to finds the relations between two people who do not directly contact each other, to achieve relationship network mapping.

  • The combination of virtual and real--- matches the virtual account with the real person, performs vector calculation on the text content, and traces the source based on the similarity of the text to prevent malicious information spreading.

  • Semantic Mining --- Effectively perform text categorization and sentiment analysis to analyze the emotional state of online speech, which is important for topic supervision and public opinion monitoring. 

  •   Deep mining Improve Social Insight Enhance detection rate Quickly, accurately, thoroughly